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Content Marketers, content creators, or bloggers face many challenges while creating their content. Especially, when the aim of content creation is the generation of revenue.

Everyone wants to create content that converts but it’s not as easy as it sounds.

You need a solid content marketing strategy to increase your revenue. With the help of a successful content marketing strategy, you can create engaging content.

Here in this article, we’re going to share our best content marketing platform to develop a strong content marketing strategy.

To win the SERP in search engines you need an “All-in-One” Content Marketing Platform that takes your content marketing game to the next level. Semrush Content Marketing Toolkit fulfills all your needs. But, how? Let’s discuss it in detail!

Before getting started with the successful and effective content marketing strategy, let’s understand the basics of content marketing first.

Disclosure – In the interest of transparency, this post may contain affiliate links to the tools mentioned. At no additional cost to you, if you click through and decide to purchase, I will earn a commission. Regardless, I only recommend products I use and believe will add value to you.

What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is the process of planning, creating, and sharing the content strategically on different channels such as social media platforms, blogs, podcasts, videos, ebooks, and more to reach out to the targeted audience to increase brand awareness, sales, engagement, and loyalty.

Brands and Businesses use content marketing to:

  • To educate the desired audience and leads about the products & services they offer.
  • To boost conversions.
  • To increase brand awareness and building trust across various marketing channels.
  • To build community on different channels such as social media platforms, blogs, YouTube, podcasts, and more.

As you can see, it’s really important to use an effective content marketing strategy.

Effective Content Marketing Strategy

What are the steps involved in creating an effective content marketing strategy?

To build an effective content marketing strategy, you need to work step by step as listed below:

  • Research the Topic
  • Plan your content and calendar
  • Creating SEO-friendly content
  • Optimize it according to your audience
  • Analyze and measure your content
  • Improve your content

These are some pointers to be kept in mind while developing an effective content marketing strategy.

But for developing an effective content marketing strategy, you need several tools and resources.

At this time instead of wasting thousands of $$$ in purchasing several tools, the smart move is to invest in an “All-in-One” Content Marketing Platform.

The Best Content Marketing Platform

If you’re wondering to choose the best content marketing platform for your business or brand, Semrush would be the best option for you.

As we know that Semrush is the All-in-One toolkit for all your SEO needs, but that’s not all! Semrush fulfills all your Digital Marketing needs.

Semrush has an exclusive Content Marketing toolkit for businesses and brands that builds an effective content marketing strategy for you.

Let’s have a look on at the whole Semrush Content Marketing Platform in-depth and get to know how it helps you to write the SERP winning content.

Let’s Dive In!

Semrush Content Marketing Platform

Semrush offers an “All-in-One” Content Marketing Platform including an exclusive toolkit for all your needs of developing a successful content strategy.

I personally used and recommend Semrush for content marketing to everyone as it’s changed my content strategy and now it’s become more effective.

Semrush enhanced the quality of my content and make it more user as well as SEO-Friendly.

Semrush content marketing toolkit helped me in developing an effective content marketing strategy which also helped me in getting more leads or conversions.

That means the Semrush content marketing toolkit had a great impact on my content strategy.

Do you want the same results? And wanted to generate more leads through your content marketing strategy?


Let me familiarise you with the whole content marketing toolkit and show you how it will help you in developing a successful content marketing strategy to generate more leads.

Semrush Content Marketing Toolkit

Semrush content marketing toolkit is an “All-in-One” content marketing toolkit specially designed for all content creators, designers, freelancers, and marketers to develop an effective content marketing strategy.

Semrush Content Marketing Toolkit 1
Semrush Content Maeketing Dashboard

Why do I call it an “All-in-One” Content Marketing Toolkit? It’s because Semrush Content Marketing Toolkit helps you in:

  • Finding topics and ideas under your niche
  • Planning and your content calendar
  • Writing SEO-Friendly article by providing SEO content template.
  • Optimizing your content to reach your ideal audience with the help of Semrush SEO Writing Assistant (SWA)
  • Measuring Matrices
  • Analysing your performance
  • Improving your content

Let’s see the tools included in Semrush Content Marketing Toolkit and Its Features!

Semrush Content Marketing Toolkit includes:

  1. Topic Research Tool
  2. Marketing Calendar
  3. SEO Content Template
  4. SEO Writing Assistant
  5. Brand Monitoring
  6. Post Tracking
  7. Content Audit

Now, let’s see how these tools take your content to the Next-Level.

1. Find Topics and Content Ideas Using the Topic Research Tool

Discover engaging and profitable ideas is the very first step in your content marketing strategy.

Semrush’s Topic Research Tool allows you to find the most profitable and trending topics under your niche. It shows data in various formats such as:

  • Cards
  • Explorer
  • Overview
  • Mind Map

Semrush’s Topic Research Tool is very easy to use. All you have to do is to log in to your Semrush dashboard and you can find “Content Marketing” at the left sidebar.

Simply, click on that and your content marketing dashboard appears on your screen.

Now to use this topic research tool, just click on “Topic Research” which appears just behind content marketing at the left sidebar.

Semrush Topic Research Tool
Semrush Topic Research Tool

Then, enter your targeted keyword and the preferred country.

You’ll get a ton of content ideas, topics, headlines, ask by people, and more.

Get the data in different formats whether it’s a mind map, cards, explorer, or overview.

Semrush Topic Research
Semrush Topic Research Results in Various Formats

Pick the most profitable and engaging topics by using this tool and start planning your content with Semrush Marketing Calendar.

2. Manage and Plan Your Content Strategy with Semrush Marketing Calendar

After finding the ideas for your content, now it’s time to plan your content.

For a successful content marketing strategy, consistency is the key. You need to be consistent to reach out to more customers.

To maintain your consistency, you’ll need a content calendar or planners.

Many people such as beginners use Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, or other third-party task managers to plan their content.

It may be working in the beginning but when you expand you must upgrade your content calendar as it is one of the most important parts of a successful content marketing strategy.

Here, Semrush Content Marketing Calendar excels at every point.

Here’s how?

Semrush Content Marketing Calendar not only just plan your content but helps you in:

  • Specify or identify every content with the help of assigning colors to each task.
  • Setting reminders so that you’ll not miss any upcoming events such as webinars.
  • You can attach the necessary files to it.
  • Enables you to set weekly deadlines.
  • You can share your plans with your team members or collaborators.
  • Enables you to distribute or assign your task to your team members.

Isn’t it great?

This is the actual content marketing calendar you need in your life for a successful content marketing strategy.

Semrush Marketing Calender
Semrush Marketing Calender

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3. Develop SEO Content Template to Outrank in SERP

SEO is the most important part of content marketing strategy. And it’s noticed that most of the traffic comes from organic search results.

At this point, the best SEO practices matter a lot.

As we know that it’s not easy to rank in the top ten in Google Search Results where competition is very high, you need various tools to make your content SEO-Friendly.

But instead of wasting thousands of $$$ on different SEO tools, you must try Semrush SEO Content Template.

Semrush SEO Content Template helps you to outrank in SERP as focusing on SEO before writing the content will increase the chances of ranking high in search engines.

This is how Semrush SEO Content Template works!

You’ll get custom SEO recommendations based on your top 10 rivals’ rankings for your keyword in Google Search.

All you have to do is just type in your targeted keywords and your preferred location to get a custom SEO Content Template for your piece of content.

You’ll get more from Semrush SEO Content Template.

How Semrush SEO Content Template helps you to win the SERP?

Here’s how:

  • Develop your custom SEO Content Template for your piece of content; focusing on SEO before writing the content.
  • Providing you the basic SEO recommendations such as page title, meta description, H1 tag, and more.
  • Check how your competitors use your keywords.
  • Receive a list of semantically related keywords. Get a list of relevant domains to get backlinks from.
  • Discover the recommended readability for your copy.
  • Learn the suggested content length.
  • Export your SEO Content Template to Doc.
  • See your top-10 Rival articles in one tab.
  • Quickly check your text for Seo-friendliness.

In my opinion, the best SEO practices are incomplete without the Semrush SEO Content Template.

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4. Analyse Your Written Content with Semrush SEO Writing Assistant

After writing Seo-friendly content uses Semrush SEO Content Template, now you need to optimize your written content with the help of Semrush SEO Writing Assistant (SWA).

It’s such an amazing tool to optimize your written content and gain a position in SERP.

I personally recommend using this tool because Semrush SEO Writing Assistant literally changes my writing routine.

You can do more out of SEO using Semrush SEO Writing Assistant like adjust the tone of voice according to your desired audience, enhance readability, and more.

Here’s how Semrush SEO Writing Assistant helps you:

  • Adjust your content readability.
  • Get the recommendation on word count.
  • Optimize your title.
  • Make sure your content is easy to read.
  • Maintain your Brand’s tone of voice for each piece of content.
  • Check your content for originality with Plagiarism Checker.
  • Enrich your text with recommending keywords.
  • Take care of alt attributes.
  • Ensure that your links are not broken.
  • Optimize your content for User intent as well as Search Engines.

You can use this tool through Google Docs Add-On, WordPress Plugin, and Semrush Content Marketing Dashboard.

Overall, this tool takes your content to the next level.

As much as your content is good and written with the help of Semrush SEO Content Template and optimized with the help of Semrush SEO Writing Assistant, reaches more your targeted audience and generates more leads.

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5. Track Mentions Using Semrush Brand Monitoring Tool

This tool helps you to track your and your competitor’s web mentions, identifying referral traffic, check estimated reach, and more.

Semrush Brand Monitoring tool gives you the bird’s eye view to keep an eye on your competitors.

Here’s how Semrush Brand Monitoring Tool helps you:

  • Track mentions online.
  • Identify mention sentiment.
  • Analyze mentioning resource authority.
  • Get mentions when you need them.
  • Measure your estimated reach.
  • Track referral traffic from mentions.
  • Identify top mentioning resources.
  • Find mentions without backlinks.
  • Identify top domains.
  • Spot industry influencers.
  • Compare mention campaigns.
  • Track mentions from specific resources.
  • Track mention trends.

You definitely give Semrush Brand Monitoring Tool a try to upgrade the level of your SEO game.

6. Measure the Performance of Your Post using Semrush Post Tracking Tool

Semrush Post Tracking tool helps you to analyze your post-performance by just entering your post or article URL.

Things you analyze through Semrush Post Tracking Tool:

  • Referral Traffic
  • Keywords on which your post is ranking for
  • Your post’s social shares
  • Backlinks
  • Your Estimated Reach

This tool analyzes or measures the external efforts of your post.

7. Improve Your Performance by Using Semrush Content Audit Tool

After analyzing and tracking your content, now it’s time to improve it. Semrush Content Audit Tool helps you to improve your content.

Semrush Content Audit Tool automatically analyzes your content and group it into four categories which are:

  • Rewrite or Remove
  • Need to Update
  • Quick Review
  • Poor Content

On the basis of the analytics of your content Semrush Content Audit Tool groups it.

Here’s what you can do with the Semrush Content Audit Tool to improve your performance:

  • Automate your content audit
  • Define the scope of your audit
  • Analyze up to 20,000 pages
  • Combine your data sources in a few clicks
  • Matrices are updated in real-time
  • Spot the weakest content easily
  • Keep track of the target pages and matrics
  • Analyze your content in sets
  • Collaborate and create tasks
  • Customize your audit table
  • Export your audit results
  • Customize your content sets

This tool gives you complete information about your website or content.

I think now it’s clear why I do call Semrush Content Marketing Toolkit a complete suite.

Semrush always try to serve their customers the best. And instead of wasting your thousands of $$$ to purchase several tools, you should try Semrush Content Marketing Platform at once.

Disclosure – In the interest of transparency, this post may contain affiliate links to the tools mentioned. At no additional cost to you, if you click through and decide to purchase, I will earn a commission. Regardless, I only recommend products I use and believe will add value to you.

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