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Why A Blog Is Different From A Website?


Have you ever confused in between the two terms Blog and Website, which are very commonly used in the web.

These are the two basic terms of internet. If you want to start a blog or a website , then it’s very important for you to know that what’s the difference between the both.

Here in this article, I’ll clear all your doubts and helps you to easily Differentiate between a blog and a website.

Firstly, if you want to know what exactly a Blog is ? Or what exactly a Website is ? 
So, here are some quick links for you which helps you to better understand both the terms. 

Why a Blog is Different from a Website ?

Here, I’ll explain the difference in points to you can understand the difference between them in a better way :-

•°•° A blog needs to be updated time to time where a website contains static pages and owners rarely update website pages when there is any change in it.

•°•° A blog enhancing the public communication or interaction between the content provider and the audience where a website is one way communication.

•°•° Blog appears with the latest post at the top where website appears as static pages like homepage, pricing, plans, etc.

•°•° On every blog post, date of publishing is mentioned with the name of authors where in a website there was no change in it as it has static pages.


A quick summary of the above mentioned points for you.

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