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Have you ever considered or had a difficulty in knowing the term “website”. If yes, then you’re on the right place to know the basic terms related to blogging. 

Here in this article, you’ll get your answer in an easy language which helps you to understand better.


And after reading this article, I’m sure that you definitely understood the meaning of website and don’t need to visit any other site for your answer.

What is a Website ? | Definition of a Website

“A website is a place on internet or web, where people can find the information on a specific topic or multiple topics and that information was added on web by a company, organisation, etc.”

A website can be found on World Wide Web (WWW).


In simple words, a website is the collection of static pages found on web and content in the website can be identified on the basis of it’s Domain Name.

For example, our website is earnonlinesources.com and there are many examples available like google.com, amazon.com and more.

Features of a Website

  • Collection of static pages.
  • A place which is found on web.
  • Organisations, Companies puts information on a website.
  • A Website also used for providing services to the people like paid subscriptions, etc.



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