The Most Popular Types of Blog in 2023 (With Content Ideas)2 min read

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Ever wonder to start a new blog but confuse to identify your niche? It’s very important to pick the popular niche that will help you to generate a living from it. So, here wrote this article for you on The Most Popular Types of Blog in 2023 (With Content Ideas).

Some niche ideas for you that will help you to generate a decent amount of earnings.

So, let’s dive in!!

1. Travel Blog

Travel blogs are on a rise. Many people loves to read such kinds of travel blog. Whether they love to read about different different places across the world or they want to know the place first before visiting, they read travel blogs.

Many people search the place they want to visit on Google to read about it before planning a trip. Even I also read travel blogs before planning my trip. So, you can understand it’s popularity.

There are many things in travel niche you can write about if you love traveling and visiting places to places. Some of these ideas are mentioned below for better understanding.

Content ideas for a Travel Blog:

  • Best places to visit in US (the place you visited)
  • Best Hotels in Washington
  • Top 10 Restuarants to visit in Washington
  • My Experience in US
  • Top 10 Luxury or Affordable hotels in Washington
  • Insider’s guide to Washington

Apart from these ideas, there are many. You get unlimited content stream once you get in this niche.

2. Food Blog

Food blogs becomes very famous now a days. Whether you share different- different recipes on your blog or visit places to share the famous foods across the World, it’s always on the rise.

Many people search how-to guides on food to cook and many search for the Reviews of any particular destination for food.

So, there are many things you can write about in Food blogging. Some of these content ideas are mentioned below for your ease.

Content ideas for a Food Blog

  • Recipes
  • Best dishes to eat in Japan
  • Diet plan to loose 10Kgs
  • Reviews of Restaurants
  • Top 10 foods to eat in Japan
  • Healthy Junk food Recipes

Apart from these ideas, there are many. You get unlimited content stream once you get in this niche.

Let’s move to another most popular niche.

3. News Blog

News Blog is an evergreen niche which everyone loves to read. Everyone wants to get in touch that’s what’s happening around the globe.

As I said earlier that it’s an evergreen niche, that means there’s a lot of competition in it but that doesn’t mean that no one read your blog. Hardwork and consistency pays off! So don’t worry and start working on this evergreen and the most popular niche.

You can write about anything you want and I recommend to pick trending news and start writing on it. Make sure to keep your content original and read worthy.

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