Top 10 Easy Ways to Earn Money Online for Students6 min read

Top 10 Easy Ways to Earn Money Online for Students

Are you ever wondering and visited many sites to know that “As A Student, How Can You Earn Money Online Without Investing A Single Penny”.

If Yes, then you’ll get your answer here. In this article, I’ll provide you with 5 legit or genuine ways to earn money online without investment as a student.

There are many ways to earn money online without investment even if you’re a student. Let’s dive in deeply.

Top 10 Easy Ways to Earn Money Online for Students

1. YouTube

The very first way on our list to earn money online without investing a single penny is, Creating YouTube Videos.

You can create and upload your videos on YouTube. All you have to do is to follow the given steps:-

  1. Create a YouTube Channel first.
  2. Then, select the category of your videos whether it is DIYs/ Beauty/ Reviews/ Unboxing/ Gaming/ Comedy/ and many more categories are there.
  3. After choosing the category in which you’ll make videos, then you can start creating your videos.

And if it’s very difficult to choose the category of your videos, so you can check our site at EarnOnlineSources to choose your YouTube video category wisely.

Also, you can upload videos of different categories on your YouTube channel, then after checking the public response you’ll upload videos.

If you want to know more about How To Create YouTube Videos To Earn Money Online, so you can visit my site at EarnOnlineSources for more details. 

(d) After uploading your videos, you can apply for Google AdSense and monetize your YouTube channel.

But there is some precondition of AdSense Approval for YouTube.

2. Blogging

My next way of earning money online without investment is Blogging.

This is one of my favorite way of earning money online. 

In Blogging, all you need is a Domain Name and Hosting.

If you want to buy hosting at an affordable price, then my recommended hosting is Bluehost.

Here, you’ll get a .com domain free for one year along with hosting.


You can also check your Domain Name availability with Bluehost Domain Name Checker given below:

Why choose Bluehost hosting:

  1. Get a (.com) Domain Free (worth $12.99 USD)
  2. Get 24/7 Lifetime Support
  3. 1-click WordPress installation
  4. WordPress Total Design Freedom
  5. Easy Step-by-Step Set-up
  6. Recommend by WordPress
  7. Budget-Friendly

You should definitely check out Bluehost for these benefits.


Some popular sites are Blogger, WordPress, Yahoo, etc. Such sites provide you with a Free Domain Name and Hosting for a Lifetime. After earning some amount of money from your blog, you can shift to the paid domain name and hosting. 

But I suggest you go with the free domain name and hosting in starting so that you’ll get an idea of how to run a blog.

If you wish to get started with a free domain and hosting then I recommend you to check this post first which is to create a blog on blogger for free. This helps you a lot.

Then, you have to choose a niche for your blog. There are many niches for Blogging like tool-making niche, lyrics niche, etc.

In Blogging, you didn’t try the trick of “Checking Public Response” because if you can do it then it may create difficulty in your AdSense Approval.

If you have difficulty in choosing your niche wisely as it is very important because your blog is wholly dependent on your niche, so you can check out this – 10 Most Profitable Niches for Blogging in 2021.

Here on the above link, you can get the detailed list of the Top And Most Profitable Niches for Blogging in 2021 which helps you to generate your revenue/money fast. 

After choosing the perfect niche for your blog, then you have to monetize your blog by Google AdSense. After that, some ads show on your site and you get paid for it. So, it’s totally free.

If you want to know more about Blogging or Blogging terms like blog, blogger, blog posts, blogging niche, how to get AdSense Approval, etc., then you can visit my site by clicking here. 

3. Freelancer

As a Student, you can sell your skills on Freelancing Sites. You can sell any of your skills as well as multiple skills on freelancing sites. 

Skills like photo editing, logo making, content writing, copywriting, web designing, graphic designing, and many more skills are there to sell as a student.

There are many freelancing sites available like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, People Per Hour, etc..

And also, It’s Free Of Cost. 

Now, a question arrives here “How Can You Work Online As A Freelancer ?”

So to know the answer, follow these steps accordingly:

Firstly, you have to Signup on any of these freelancing sites for free.

  1. After creating your account, you have to make a Gig/Gigs according to your skills and fill up the required details about the service or skill you are offering to the customer.
  2. In simple words, a Gig is an advertisement that you are providing this kind of skill shown in your Gig So, a Gig is very important.
  3. After filling up the required details and making a Gig according to your skills, you have to charge money for your service. 

In starting, my suggestion is to charge lesser than others who charge more than you for the same service.

After that, when you get to work then you’ll get paid

If you want to get more information about Freelancing, check this at What is Freelancing and How Does It Works?

4. Affiliate Marketing

As a Student, you can also work as an Affiliate Marketer. In which you can share your affiliate links with your friends and if someone buys that product through your affiliate link, then you’ll get some commission.

You can also share your affiliate link on your social media accounts like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

How does Affiliate Marketing work?

For working in Affiliate Marketing, follow these steps as follows:-

  1. You have to find and join the Affiliate Program.
  2. Secondly, you have to choose the offer which you promote.
  3. After that, you have to obtain a unique affiliate link for each product.
  4. Then share your affiliate links on your social media platforms or blogs, etc.
  5. When someone purchases any product through your affiliate link, then you’ll get paid.

As a Student, affiliate marketing is also a good online job for you.

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5. Instagram

Yes, Instagram is also a good way of earning money online without investment. 

In Instagram Marketing, you’ll get paid promotions of Brand and get paid for it.

If you have a good number of followers list on Instagram, then you can easily get promotion offers from brands.

But to get highly paid for this, you have to decide on a niche for your Instagram account.

For more details, you can visit – EarnOnlineSources

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