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Things Must in Blogging (2022)

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When it comes to blogging, there’re several things comes in our mind and pretending that it’s the most important one. But… what exactly the important thing is? What are the essential things in blogging? All the questions are going to answered in this article.
We at EarnOnlineSources, let you know the things that are must in blogging. These are exactly those things which you need to keep in mind while writing a blog post.
Let’s dive in!

Things Must In Blogging

Following are some pointers which you need to keep in mind or the things we generally ignore:

1. High-Quality Content

The first and foremost thing we need to keep in mind is focusing on the content quality. Many of us thought that, they still rank their website by just doing or practicing SEO techniques. But… to be very honest, high-quality content always wins over poor content with SEO practices.
Content always matters. And it’s very important to focus on our content quality first. Serving value to your visitors helps you to drive organic traffic to your site and build trust which helps you to generate leads from your audience. But the thing is that, “Always serve best to your audience”.

2. On-Page SEO

On page SEO (also known as On-Site SEO) helps you to rank your site. Always practice On-page SEO while publishing your article. Keyword research, content optimization, catchy H1 tag comes under On-Page SEO.
Make sure to check your On-Page SEO twice for great results. It isn’t meant that you stuff keywords in your article, it means to focus on some targeted keywords and try to limit them.
3. Keywords Targeting
Yes! One of the most important factor is keywords targeting. Because you have to choose your keywords wisely. Many of us ignores that and start stuffing the keywords in our article, H1 tag and meta description.
But, the right thing is to find out the best keywords on which your site could rank and after choosing your keywords, make sure to place it wherever needed like in the intro of your article, meta description and title tag. This helps you to rank your site on search engines such as Google and Bing.
Still have confusion in finding and choosing the right keywords?
No wonder, I’ll help you in this regards. All you have to do it COMMENT your query in the comments section of this article OR you can DM me your query on my Instagram handle at @theprachirastogi to get quick response.

4. Manually Index Pages

Always index your pages manually in the search console for fast results. It’s not one time practice, do this right after you publish your post.
Through this you’ll not face any problem related to indexing of webpages. We generally ignore this thing & proceed further but it’s very important to index our pages manually because submitting the sitemap at once isn’t enough to index all our webpages. It need efforts.
Pro Tip: Submit your sitemap too after publishing your blog post. Because submitting the sitemap on regular basis is also as important as manual indexing.

5. Analyse and Improve your Performance

After publishing and practicing the above mentioned thing wouldn’t work if you miss this step. These is the key of your success. Once you achieve what you want is hard but maintaining that thing what you have is very hard.
After publishing your article, check the public reaction, listen to your audience, analyse your content and try to improve your performance to meet the better version of you everyday. Always focus on improve your performance instead of comparison yourself with other. Make yourself better.
These things helps you to gain SERP positions and to stand out. Make sure to focus on all the above points. Everyone wants to rank on Google but didn’t achieve this goal due to some mistakes. So, these are some common but important things which you have to look upon and improve your rankings on Google.

Over to You

This is the quick recap of what you have learnt in this article. It helps you to remind you all the points:

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