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Should I Start Blogging in 2022?

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Start a blog in 2022, is it a good decision? Is it easy to blog or can you do it? Will you able to grow your blog or drive traffic on it? Or the major question, will you able to monetize it? All the questions will going to answer in this post.
Blogging is an art of writing good quality articles whether your niche is. But… are you made for blogging, especially in 2022? Let’s get deep in it and reveal the answers.

What is Blog?

Blog is and online journal on which you write blog posts or articles. You can write about a topic or multiple topics.
And the process of writing blog posts or articles is known as “Blogging”.
I hope, it’s clear to you that what exactly blogging is. Let’s move to other topic.

Should You Start Blogging in 2022?

No, it’s not.
When it comes to starting a new blog, it sounds easy. But in reality, several decisions be made before starting a blog. Like, name of your blog, niche of your blog, brand colours, brand fonts, domain name, hosting and what to post post first.
But… when you get started, it becomes easy. I didn’t say, you not need to do after that. Just write articles and chill. Because it’s not about only writing articles, it’s about to drive traffic on your blog. To grow your blog, traffic is must.
You need to promote your blog on social media to drive initial traffic to your site and need to learn SEO to rank your article on Google. Is this easy? Absolutely, Not. But not impossible as well. Many people started their blogs and done very well. So why don’t you start your own blog?
Blogging needs hard work and patience. You need to be calm because success didn’t comes overnight. It could take 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, 12 months, 18 months, 2 years or even more to get succeed in blogging. But, keep calm and don’t give up.
One of the main point, MONETIZATION.
I didn’t say that you can’t earn until you get high traffic on your blog. Yes, you still earn money without getting high traffic.
There are various ways to earn through your new blog. Some of those ways are:
  • Write paid blog posts (sites that pays you to write)
  • freelance your blog posts
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Paid sponserships ( sites that pay you to post sponsered posts)
  • Placement of Ads
Isn’t it amazing?
You still earn by these methods. It’s not a huge amount but could earn decent from these.
Once you get traffic on your blog, you have various options available to monetize it.
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Prachi Rastogi

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