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How To Write A Blog Post? [Easy-To-Follow Guide]

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Blog Post – Definition

A blog post is an article which you write in your blog through which you can provide information to your readers. You can add images, infographics, charts or embeds video in your blog post to make it more attractive.

Perfect Structure Of A Blog Post

Here is the perfect structure of a blog post.

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This format or structure make your blog attractive as well as informative.


At the top portion of Headline, you need to add a title of of your blog post. It is very important to write a good title because it attracts the reader to read your post and also it gives information to the readers about your blog post.

Publish Date

It helps the readers to identify the date of publishing the article or on which date the article was posted.
It’s optional to mention the publish date on your blog post but if you frequently give updates to your visitors, then I recommend you to mention the publish date. It will show your regularity to the readers.


In introduction part, you need to add a small introduction which describes about the whole content of your blog post.
As it is the First Paragraph of the blog post, it is necessary to add targeted keywords in it to make the people keep reading.

Main Content

In the main content, you need to give the proper information to the readers so that they didn’t feel regretted after reading your blog post. It is necessary to satisfy the reader. The length of a blog post could vary from 300 to 4000 words or more. It’s best to set word limit according to your content. It isn’t necessary to make your content too lengthy so don’t worry about it. All you have to do is to write your ideas in your blog post which is easy to understand. 


You can add some images or embeds the video which is related to the blog post you write. 
Media helps in understanding the content better. Sometimes it may the substitute of the text part. So, this part is also very important in your blog post because it’s also help to break the para and making your post more attractive and beautiful.


This part helps the readers to understand your content more easily as sub-headings explain what’s inside this paragraph.
And also very helpful to you for break the paragraph and make your blog post more attractive. Because a blog post with only paragraphs didn’t be more attractive or make the people to keep reading your blog post. They might be leave you post in between if it’s boring. 
So make sure to add sub-headings in your blog posts.


The last paragraph of your blog post is the conclusion part that allows the readers to get the summary or the end result at the last of your blog post.
You can write conclusion part in the form of text or in the form of image.
Therefore, it looks more informative and beautiful also
So, keep in mind to add conclusion part at the end of your blog posts because it’s also helps the readers to understand better.

Social Buttons

Social media is very helpful in case of traffic maximisation at your blog.
If you have social media accounts, so mention them here.
Also, this helps the visitors to stay connected with you.


At last, aside from your blog post, comment part plays very important role to see the public response towards your blog post and getting feedback from them.
This helps the audience to interact with you. 
This is also an optional part that you enable comments or not but I recommend you to enable it because public response is very important for you improvement.

Also, you didn’t need to add all the above mentioned elements but make sure to keep your content high quality, informational and attractive.

Thanks for reading,
If I missed something in this article or you’re having any suggestions, do let me know in the comment section.

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