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Tips To Find Profitable Blogging Niche in 2022

This question often comes in your mind when you think to start a blog. The expert advice to this question is to find a topic on which you love to talk. Find the topic you’re passionate about. These tips helps you to find a profitable niche for your blog.
But…to make a blog successful, these tips aren’t enough. The one of the main thing that makes your blog successful is to find profitable niche.
Finding a profitable niche is the key that makes your blog successful.
Find your passion. Think what to write about and on which topic you had a great knowledge. You have to find an idea from millions of ideas bouncing around your head. And also you get that but…”is that working for long term?” this question pressurised you to not execute your idea.
In this post, we’ll give you a few practical tips that helps you to find a profitable niche for your blog that turns into an income stream in future.
Let’s dive in!

1. Think about a topic you like to talk about

In the process of finding a niche for your blog, the first thing is to find your interest. The topics in which you’re interested because if you plan to run your blog for long term, then interest matters. Pick those topics that you also like to learn and talk about.
If you work on a niche without having any interest then it might leads you to the failure of your blog. So make sure to find the on the basis of your interest. It could be about a thing, hobby, work and whatever you like. It doesn’t mean that you need to be an expert on this topic. It’s just a topic you like to talk about.

How to make sure that the chosen topic is interesting or not?

If you’re confused between your interest or the topic you chosen is interesting or not, you just follow this practice to understand your interest better. Take a pen and paper and write down 5 blog post ideas bouncing in your mind. Think, how much content you generate for each idea. And which topic makes you exited while talk or think about. Or the topic on which you generate a large number of quality content could be your topic.
This practice helps you to find out your interest from millions of topics. You got the topic in which you’re interested by the help of this practice. This practice ensures that you’re passionate about the topic you picked. So if you’re stuck in finding your interest, you can definitely do this practice.

2. Proper Market research

Make sure to do a proper market research for your topic. Find that, is there any scope for your topic in the market? Is there a big enough content for your topic in the market? Competition analysis? You can get the answers of these questions by doing a small market research. Let me show you how you can get started.
Let’s choose bag as a topic on which you enjoy to talk about and you want to start your blog about it. Now, you have to find out the scope of this topic, how much competition your topic has and is there enough content available for this topic? and see, is the topic has enough audience or not?
Start your research with Google Trends. Search your topic in Google trends and analyse whether it’s on the rise, decline or stable in past years. Google trends helps to find whether your topic is trending or not? Let’s see about our current topic that is “Bag”. Is it trending or not?

This graph will show you whether your topic is stable, rise or declined. So, this step is very important.

You need to observe this graph.
As you can see in the graph, the trend rate of “Bag” in past 5 years are stable and continue to rise. It means there’s a scope in starting a blog on bags as a topic and many people searched for the term bag.
As you can see, bag is the great topic to blog about. It’s graph shows a tremendous rise. This means you have enough audience to drive traffic on your blog as many people search for this topic.

3. Choose smaller niches or untouched niches

Now it’s time to analyse what kind competition this topic has. Firstly, you need to search your topic or term on Google. As we have “bag” as our topic, we continue to search this term on Google to analyse our competition and how many search results appear for this term.
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As you can see the number of search results, this means it’s the broader term to target. Many sites competing for this term. It’s better to go with smaller or untouched niches to avoid more competition.

How to find smaller or untouched niches?

You can find smaller or untouched niches at the end of Google search results page. Let me show you where.

You can see these kind of related searches at the end of Google search results page b scrolling down. These topics are also niche ideas on which you blog posts.

These keywords might be low competition, so it’s better to choose one from them and proceed further.
Let’s choose “bag for women” from them to proceed further. Now you have to search again for this term in Google trends to see the scope of this topic or to see whether this topic is trending or not.
Now it’s time to analyze our keyword in AdWords Keyword Planner.
Search your keyword in AdWords Keyword Planner to analyze the term. Let’s analyze bag for women in keyword planner.

As you can see in the above image that bag for girls have high competition and receives 100K – 1M searches monthly, it means bag for women isn’t a great topic to target or blog about. You’ll see more terms with low competition by scrolling down. It’s better to choose a term with low competition.

4. Make sure that your niche is profitable

If you plan to earn money from your blog then it’s very important to check that whether your niche is profitable or not. You must monetize your blog to earn money and to make your blog as an income stream. So that you can turn your hobby into profit.

How to check whether your niche is profitable or not?

You can check the profitability of your niche by just searching that term on Google and see if someone advertises for that targeted keyword.
For example, let’s search bags for women and see the results.
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As you can see, someone pays to AdWords to advertise their products on Google search results. It means you can monetize your blog with AdSense ads and earn money through it.

The second way to check whether your niche is profitable or not is that you’ll go to and search products for your term.
Let’s search bags for women on amazon.

You can see, these products appear in the search results and you can see more product by scrolling down. This means you can earn money by affiliate marketing by joining Amazon’s affiliate program. As affiliate marketing is one of the most popular way to earn money from your blog, you’ll promote these kind of products on your blog by writing blog posts on it, detailed comparisons and reviews.

By doing these practices, you can easily check whether your niche is profitable or not.


If you’ll find the niche for your blog post by using these practices, then I’ll make sure that it’s fun for you to create content on your niche. As your niche is based on your interest, then it’s fun for you to write content or blog posts on your niche.

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