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How To Design A Website – 1 minute reads

Are you wondering about “how to design a website of your own” and wanted a proper step by step guide for designing a website in few clicks.

So, this is the right place for you. Because in this article, I’ll show you the step by step guide for beginners so that those persons who wants to design their own website can easily design. 

How to Design a Website | Step by Step Guide 

Here are some steps or pointers you need to follow for designing a website :-
1) Decide the purpose of your site
2) Choose the platform for your site
3) Choose a Domain Name
4) Find out and Follow up the latest web design trend
5) Select a theme or template
6) Start customizing your site
7) Add Important Pages
8) Create a navigational menu
9) Start adding content
10) Publish your site 

By following these easy steps, you can easily set-up your website in few simple click.


Keep in mind that you didn’t skip any of the above mentioned steps. Because these steps are must. You can only change one thing that you can launch either a free website or a paid website. Otherwise, you can’t change anything. It means that you can’t change any points except the 3rd point.

Thanks for Reading,
I mentioned all the things in this article but still if I missed something or you are having any suggestions, do let me know in the comment section.

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