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How To Design A Website in 2021 [ Step-by-Step Guide]

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Designing your own website seems difficult. Isn’t it? But, don’t worry about it as our guide shows you how you can design a website in just few clicks. Only you have to follow some pointers to design your own website.

Most of the people think that to design a website you need learn coding or programming languages like CSS and HTML. But the good thing is, This is not true.

Anyone can design a website in just few clicks by following some pointers.

Here at EarnOnlineSources, we’ll show you the ten step easy to follow guide. And by following this guide step-by-step, anyone can easily design their own website.

For your ease, here is quick overview of what we’ll be covering:

How To Design A Website

1. Decide the purpose of your site

2. Choose the platform for your site

3. Choose a domain name

4. Find out and follow up the latest web design trends

5. Select a theme or template

6. Start customizing your site

7. Add important pages

8. Start adding content

9. Publish your site 

10. Analyse and improve your site performance

Now, we’ll discuss about all the ten points in detail and explain you what to do at each step. So, read and follow up each and every step to design a beautiful website. Without wasting time, let’s dive in.

1. Decide the purpose of your site

Deciding the purpose of your site sounds a simple thing to do. But, the reality is, this point builds the base of your site. Because here at this step, you define your website.

At this step, you need to define your site’s purpose whether you want to an e-commerce site, service providing site, educational site, blogging site, portfolio site, etc. This step clears the purpose of your site.

Also, if the purpose of your site is to make money from a blog / run a money making blog then you should have a right knowledge about the most profitable niches for blogging that actually works in 2021

This step of deciding site’s purpose is also very important and a precondition if you plan your website for long term. 

2. Choose the platform for your site

The next step after choosing your site’s purpose is to choose a platform on which you design your website.

What I mean by a platform?

Back to the years, when websites are built using HTML (code), CSS or PHP. But in 2021, websites are built using CMS platforms. 

CMS is the shortened form of “Content Management System”. There are many CMS based website building platforms available like WordPress and Wix.

By using these CMS based platforms, you can easily create your website in just a few clicks.

One of the most popular CMS based website building platform is WordPress. WordPress gives you freedom of fully customisation. 

So, at this step you have to choose a CMS based website building platform on which you have to design your website.

3. Choose a domain name and hosting

At this step, you have to choose a domain name and hosting for your site. This step is not as simple as it sounds. There are many factors on which your domain depends.

Choosing a right domain for your site is very important thing as your domain name explain the purpose of your site or what your site is all about.

For example, is all about designing and editing and is all about blogging. So you need to choose your domain according to this criteria. 

Want a .com domain for free?

If you want a domain name free for 1 year along with hosting, then you should buy a hosting from Bluehost. It is budget friendly and you get a domain name (.com and other) free with one year hosting. Customer Support of Bluehost was excellent.

You can also check your Domain Name availablity with Bluehost Domain Name Checker given below:

Why to choose Bluehost hosting

  • Get a (.com) Domain Free (worth $12.99 USD)
  • Get 24/7 Lifetime Support
  • WordPress Total Design Freedom
  • Easy Step-by-Step Set-up
  • Recommend by WordPress
  • Budget Friendly 

You should definitely check out Bluehost for these benefits.

Pro tip, put the right keywords in your domain. Right keywords mean to put keywords that are according to the niche.
If you put right keywords in your domain, it’s good for SEO and your content might be rank for the particular keyword. 

4. Find out and follow up the latest web design trends

At this step, you have to find out latest web design trends and follow up these trends. As you know web design trends evolves quickly, so it’s very important to do a trends research.

Take a time for this, and observe what your competitors are doing. So that you can do better than your competitors.

5. Select a theme or template

You have to select the trendy theme for your site or you can design your own theme by following up latest tends.

Theme (commonly called template) is a layout of your website which is very important to look good. Because it’s your website design. You can think your theme as a structure of your house.

Pro tip, always use user friendly and trendy themes on your site. To make your theme more user friendly and attractive, your can use these pointers given below:

You can use chatbots to enhance user experience.

You can create a proper drop-down menu. So it’s easy to navigate from one page to another for the users.

By add these tips, you can create an attractive and user friendly theme for your site.

6. Start customizing your site

Before reaching this step, you’re done with theme or template. Now at this step, it’s time to customize your site according to you. You have to change some elements to maintain the uniqueness of your site.

Here are some elements which you have to work on and  make your site unique:

• Menu – The main thing you have to customize first is your menu. Menu is very important for your website designing. 

Pro tip: Design or customize your menu by adding these pointers in your menu:

  • Easy to navigate menu.
  •  Add important pages to your menu (eg. Contact us, About us).
  • Add key features of your site in your menu.
  • Add social buttons.

• Theme colours – Colour psychology proves that the different human have different behaviour. So, this aspect is also very important.

Pro tip: Choose colour scheme according to your branding colour scheme. So it looks contrasting.

• Fonts – World of font is vast. Choose a font which is legible and sticks with your brand identity. 

• Header and Footer – Header is found at the top of website and footer is found at the bottom of website. Both are needed and helps in enhancing the design and engagement of users.

  • A website header is the right place to include the company’s logo and navigational menu.

  • A website footer is the right place to add your contact information, sign-up form or social media buttons.

• Favicon – A favicon is a small icon in your browser represents your website. Take a second and look at this tab. At the left-hand side of this tab, you’ll see a tiny EOS that represents EarnOnlineSources. That’s a favicon.

You definitely create your own favicon because it’s really helpful when too many tabs are open then user can easily locate your website by looking at favicon.

These above customisation are must for your site. These customisation maintains your identity unique, make your site looks beautiful and user friendly.

7. Add important pages

The one of the most important thing is to add important pages to your site. These important pages are contact us, about us and privacy policy.

If the purpose of your site is to make money by placing ads, then these pages plays very important role in terms of Google AdSense Approval or the approval of any other ad network.

You can easily generate these pages by searching on google. There are many tools available on google like privacy policy generator.

8. Start adding content

Now the main part, “adding content”. This is the most important step in web designing. At this step you start adding content to your site according to the niche you have chosen.

Pro tip: Remember these pointers while adding content to your site:

  • Your content must not be abusive.

  • Your content must be original. Don’t copy someone’s content.

9. Publish your content

This is very simple step. At this step, you have to publish your site’s content. But before publishing your content remember to check your content and read it twice, then publish.

Pro tip: Always keep your content updated. Don’t let your content outdated to enhance user experience and engagement to your site.

10. Analyse and improve your site performance

After publishing your content, make sure to analyse your content and after analysing you have to improve your performance.

What to analyse?

You have to analyse your website in terms of SEO that is on-page SEO, off-page SEO and technical SEO.

Analyse your performance i.e., your majority of audience located in which country, critical errors on your site, backlinks status and more.

One tool to resolve all these issues

The tool that helps you to analyse your performance in terms of SEO whether it is on-page, off-page or technical SEO, check your critical errors and backlinks status is SEMrush.

Key reasons to use SEMrush tools:

  •  You can write SEO-friendly content with semrush tools.
  • Best for keyword research.
  • Analyse site’s rankings.
  • Analyse competitor’s rankings and performance.
  • Analyse your backlinks status deeply.
  • Find your critical errors

I personally use SEMrush tools and had a great experience.

Congrats 🎉
Your beautiful and fully customised website is ready.
That’s all about designing a website. 

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