How To Create A Blog For Free And Earn Money Online ( 5 Easy Steps)4 min read

How To Create A Blog For Free And Earn Money Online (5 Easy to Follow Steps)

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But without any investment.
So, here I explain you about ” How To Create A Blog For Free And Earn Money Online” .

By following these steps, you successfully created your own money making blog in very short time:-

Step 1: Firstly, you have to decide a niche or category for your blog which suits your taste/interest.

For example, if you want to provide information related to blogging, then you can choose blogging niche.

Like this, there are several niche that you can choose for blogging. Some example of those are coupon codes and deals niche, providing Banking information niche, event niches like Happy Birthday wishes, and many more.

But apart from these niches, there are many money making niche available for blogging. We also post an article on the ‘Top 10 Most Profitable Niches for Blogging In 2021‘, so you can get better idea that which niche is profitable now a days.

Step 2: After deciding your niche/category for your blog, then you have to decide blogging platform on which you create your blog posts.

There are many free blogging platforms available like Blogger, WordPress, etc.

So you can choose your blogging platform according to your convenience. If you’re beginner then you can create your blog posts on blogger or if you’re an advanced level blogger then you can go with WordPress. It’s up to you.

We also created a post on how you can create a blog on blogger and made blogging easy for you.

Step 3: After deciding niche and blogging platform which you have to use to create your blog post, then you have to pick/purchase a domain name and required to buy a hosting for your blog.

If you’re using Blogger then blogger provides you a free blogspot domain name and free hosting.

So I suggest you to go with free domain name and hosting. And when a good number of traffic comes to your blog or you’ll earn some money from your blog post, then you’ll purchase your TLD domains like,, etc. And on Blogger, you get hosting for free.

Step 4: After that, you have to start writing your blog post related to your niche. And keep in mind, you have to create your blog post by your own. Don’t copy anyone. If you copy anyone then you didn’t get Google AdSense Approval. So you have to create blog posts by your own creativity.

You need to add some images, videos and stickers in your blog post make it attractive. 

If you want the perfect structure of a blog post that can make your blog post more attractive and beautiful, then you can check our article on Blog Writing | Easy Format | Awesome Blog Post

Then, publish your blog post. You can promote your blog post by sharing their links to your social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram for more traffic.

Step 5: After publishing your post you have to create/add some important pages to your site. These important pages are About Us, Contact Us and Privacy Policy pages.

In About Us page, you add some details about your blog like “This blog is about Indian recipes”.

In Contact Us page, you add your contact information or social media accounts like you provide an email I’d where your blog post reader contact you if they have any query regarding your blog.

In Privacy Policy pages, you need to add some policies regarding your blog. And privacy policy pages are Very important for AdSense Approval.

After completing above Five Steps, your blog were ready.
Then only you have to do is to Sign Up To Google AdSense Account and apply for AdSense Approval.
After your blog gets approved, then start earning money online by placing ads on your blog posts.

But there are some important points that you keep in your mind before Applying for AdSense Approval.
If you didn’t know that points and want to know that so you can tell me in the comment section below and after knowing that points your blog gets approved guaranteed. Because after knowing that points you didn’t face any problems in AdSense Approval like 4O4 error, low value content, policy violation.

Thanks for Reading.
I hope it’s helpful for you.
And don’t forget to comment your queries or suggestions for my next blog.
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