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How Affiliate Marketing Works?

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Did you face any problem in understanding the procedure of Affiliate Marketing or wanted to know “How does affiliate marketing works?” 
No wonder, we’re here to help you and let you know how exactly affiliate marketing works? or the correct procedure of affiliate marketing. But if you didn’t know what affiliate marketing is? So, firstly you’ll definitely checkout this – What is Affiliate Marketing | Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

Working/ Procedure

There are three parties involved in affiliate marketing that makes it work.
 Affiliate marketing revolves around three parties that is seller, advertiser and a customer, now let’s understand how?

When a seller or product creator wants more customers to buy his products or wanted to reach out more people then he runs an affiliate program in which advertises or affiliates apply and get their unique affiliate links of the products. 

Now, the publisher or advertiser shares his affiliate links to the people through social media platforms, blog or YouTube channel, etc.

• When a customer purchase a product through the affiliate link the the advertiser gets paid for each sales he made.

So this a whole procedure of Affiliate Marketing in simple words


Here is a quick summary for you. So can remind all the things I said.

This is the cycle of Affiliate Marketing.

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