5 Expert Tips to get Google Adsense fast in 20222 min read

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If you wander, how to get Google Adsense fast and didn’t get an On-point list, then this article is for you.

This is a very short and On-point article in which you’ll get to know the 5 Expert Tips that helps you to get Google Adsense fast.

So let’s get started!!

1. Original Content

It’s is the must thing which you should focus on. Original Content, many people ignores it and copy someone’s content. But it also comes under copied content which is against Google Adsense terms.

Some people copy content from someone and use it as a script. Paste it in an AI writer tool and write articles with the help of these kinds of tools.

But this didn’t work for long run. Your article would be detected by Google. So try to write your own original content.

2. It’s atleast 2 Months Old

It is listed in Google Adsense policies that your blog must be 6 months old but people apply after a month as they can’t wait for a long.

Ideally, you should apply after 6 months as also mentioned in Google Adsense but if your articles are original and you follow all the policies of Google Adsense, they might approve your blog in just 2 months.

So, make sure to wait atleast for 2 months.

3. Your content language must be supported by Google Adsense

If you want to start a blog in your regional language then make sure to check once, whether your regional language is supported by Google Adsense or not.

Because Google Adsense didn’t support all the regional languages. It’s supports many but still some of are missing. And if would start before checking it and want to earn through Google Adsense, then it might be possible that you wasted all your efforts.

You might be earn through different ways but will not earn a single penny with Google Adsense.

4. Articles length must be atleast 700 words

Try to keep the word length atleast 700 words. Because if write articles less than 700 words, then it would be counted in thin content as per Google Adsense terms.

To avoid this issue, you have to write your article atleast of 700 words. You can also write articles more than 700 words as per your choice but keep it orginal and do not copy from anywhere.

5. Use your own images

One of the most important thing that people ignores are the images of the blog post. People use images from Google.

They download someone’s image and used them in their blog. And it’s against Google Adsense terms. Images also comes under copied content.

So it’s really important for you to focus on images too and use your own creativity with a logo or watermark.

Also, it’s very important to use copyright free images.

So, these are some tips I wanted to highlight in this article.

And these tips will definitely help you to get Google AdSense fast.

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