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Do you struggle to get Adsense Approved for your blog and want to make money through Adsense? But, every time when you apply for Adsense, your site got rejected. Is this you? If yes, then you’re in the right place because after reading this article you’ll definitely get the Adsense Approval.

In this article, I’m going to give you 5 Expert Tips To Get Adsense Approval.

It isn’t hard to earn money through Adsense or it’s not so easy. Earning through Adsense does need patience and hard work. You need to be patient as well as hardworking.

Firstly, let’s start by understanding what is Adsense and you can earn through it:

What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is an ad platform where publishers can earn money by displaying Adsense Ads in their blogs or websites. They get paid for the clicks and impressions they got on the ads displayed on their site.

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Now, let’s see the tips to get Adsense Approval!

5 Expert Tips To Get Adsense Approval

These tips will definitely help you to get Adsense approved for your site but you need to be patient:

1. Keep your Content 100% Original:

The very first point to be noted is to keep your content or articles 100% original. That means you must write your article on your own. Do not try to copy others. Google detects whether your content is original or copied. So try to keep your content original.

2. Keep your Content 100% Unique:

This point isn’t similar to the first point. Because your content must be unique as well as 100% original. Yes, you heard it right! Originality differs from Uniqueness. Both are different things. Let me explain to you in a simple way.

Originality means you must write your articles on your own. That means, your articles aren’t copied. And Uniqueness means your articles or topics are different from others. Try to insert unique or special elements in your articles to keep them unique.

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3. Don’t Rephrase Other’s Content:

Here’s the most important point which I mentioned in the heading.

Most of the people don’t focus on this point and didn’t get Adsense Approval. But this point is to be marked as the most important point.

Don’t rephrase others’ content. What does it mean? Let me explain to you with the help of an example!

Let say “A,” wrote a high-quality, original, and unique article, and “B” tries to write an article on the same topic. So what “B” did is to read A’s article and change words or use alternative words to rephrase the whole article. In this way, “B” ready an article on the same topic.

But it isn’t a good thing and had a great impact on getting Adsense Approval. Because Google detects your rephrased article and it is somehow copied. So try to not rephrase someone’s article and write your own.

4. Atleast 20 to 25 Articles:

This is also very important to publish at least 20-25 articles of more than 1000 words on your site. Because you need content on which you display ads.

When Google finds that you didn’t publish enough articles or publish only 4-5 articles, they didn’t give approval and shows Thin or Low-value content error. So to avoid this error, publish at least 20-25 articles and keep it more than 1000 words.

5. Include Important Pages:

Site pages are one of the most important things. You must include some necessary pages in your site to get Adsense Approval otherwise they didn’t approve your site for Adsense. So what are these pages?

These pages are:

  • About Us
  • Contact Us
  • Privacy Policy
  • Disclaimer (Optional)

You didn’t get Adsense Approval without these pages. About Us, Contact Us and Privacy Policy are the three pages which are mandatory. But the Disclaimer page is optional to include. You can get approved without the Disclaimer page.

NOTE: You can copy the Privacy Policy page from others.

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So these are some important tips to be followed to get Adsense Approval. There are some more tips that help you to get Adsense Approval 100% or very fast. If you want them, then COMMENT below 👇🏻 and I’ll surely share them with you.

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