Earn Money Online With No Skill for Beginners2 min read

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Earn Money Online With No Skill

earn money online with no skills

Earn money online with no skills, Well… In this global COVID-19 pandemic, many people searching “Earn Money Online” on the web. As we know that anyone having skills can earn money online. But it’s not truth that a person with no skills can not earn money.

In this article, we’ll show you the best way by which you can earn money online without any skills.
But for earning money online through this method, you needs to be hardworking. 
Also, this method which I mentioned below are already tried and tested. So you easily go with them.

Create A Blog and Monetize

You can start a blog and monetize it.linesources.com/how-to-create-a-blog-on-blogger-earnonlinesources/(opens in a new tab)
If you’re a beginner and wanted to start a free blog then you can check create a free blog and earn money by writing.
Let me honest with you, a new blog cannot make money for you in initial days but after some time you can easily monetize your blog.
You have to choose most profitable niches for blogging that actually works for 2021. So that your blog might make more fast. Or if you want to find a profitable niche by your own or check whether the niche you chosen is profitable or not, you can check this article: How to Find a Profitable Niche in 2021 [4 Practical Tips]
If you don’t know, how to write a perfect Blog Post then check » How to Write a Perfect Blog Post.
But with free blog, you cannot expect for long term or fortune. If you’re thinking about creating a blog for long term that gives you a residual income, you have to purchase a domain name and hosting.
You can purchase domain and hosting. But the hosting that I recommend is Bluehost. It is budget friendly and you get a domain name (.com and other) free with one year hosting. Customer Support of Bluehost was excellent. 
You can also check your Domain Name availablity with Bluehost Domain Name Checker given below :

Benefits of Purchasing Hosting from Bluehost :
1. Get a (.com) Domain Free (worth $12.99 USD)
2. Get 24/7 Lifetime Support
3. WordPress Total Design Freedom
4. Easy Step-by-Step Set-up
5. Recommend by WordPress
6. Budget Friendly
You definitely check-out Bluehost for these benefits.


You can earn money from your blog by :
1. Selling Ad space on your blog.
2. Selling Affiliate products on your blog.

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