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Do you know, Instagram is a great source to drive massive traffic to your blog or website? Yeah! You heard it right, you can drive daily 10K to 100K free traffic using Instagram. Isn’t it crazy?

Here are 5 Genius Tips to drive daily 10K to 100K free traffic using Instagram and these methods are tested and proven. So, let’s Dive in!

5 Genius Tips to Drive Daily 10K to 100K Free Traffic using Instagram

1. Add link in the Bio

The very first tip that helps you to drive free traffic to your website is sharing your website link in your bio. So that people can visit your site by clicking that link in your bio.

As we all know that Instagram doesn’t provide a clickable link option in the captions, so we need to add the link related to the post in our bio.

2. Add link to your stories

After the removal of the “Swipe-Up” feature, Instagram added a new “Link Sticker” feature to add links in your stories.

The best part is… the number of followers doesn’t matter to add a Link sticker, a Link sticker is for everyone. However, the “Swipe-Up” feature was only those accounts that had gained 10K followers.

Now you just need to utilize this Link sticker in a way to send traffic. You can share the thumbnail of your blog with the link sticker, so anyone can easily redirect to your site by just clicking on the link.

3. Add blog to your highlights

As we know that, stories are live up to 24 hours and after that, it disappears. But what after that?? How to send massive traffic CONSTANTLY??

Here, highlights help you to send traffic to your blog CONSTANTLY.

Screenshot your blog’s interface and add it to your story with a link sticker and mention your blog’s link in it. Now create a new highlight named “BLOG” or your site’s name.

By this method, you can drive constant traffic to your blog.

4. Add your blog’s name in your images

Instagram isn’t a photo-sharing app or a video-sharing app!! It’s a visual app.

Try to play with visuals. When you create social media post, make sure to add the name or URL of your blog in your image. It increases the chances of organic search.

5. Send links in DMs

Not only money, but Community is also a big factor which helps to generate money. Try to build connections or community on Instagram. This helps you to promote your blog.

You can send your blog’s link to them and ask them to read it. In this way, you can also send traffic to your blog.

These tips are previously tested and surely help you to drive daily 10K to 100K free traffic using Instagram.

You can see examples in the carousel attached below to better under these tips practically 👇🏻

– Prachi Rastogi


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