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Blog VS Website | Which One to Start?


If you’re reading this article, then it means you want to start a blog or a website. And to help you in finding your answer that which one you have to start or which one gives you more profit in future, I wrote this article.

Firstly to get your answer properly, you need to understand that “Why Blogging Is Different from a Website?
So you can understand these terms better.

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So, let’s start by understanding some basic terms.

What is a Blog ?

“A Blog is a short form of “Weblog”. It is an online journal which provides information to the people. In a blog, latest posts appears first or at the top”.

What is a Website ?

“A website is a place on internet or web, where people can find the information on a specific topic or multiple topics and that information was added on web by a company, organisation, etc.”

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Which one to Start 

If you read above what exactly the difference between both, then you know that in a Blog you need to keep people updated or maintain your regularity because it is mainstream source of information. And if you want to start a website, then you can makes tools on your website or you can provide services to people.

That means, if you have writing habit or you want to provide information to the people then you can go with a Blog.

Create your own website in few clicks?

Start your own blog in minutes?

Or if you want to provide any service or upload a tool on your website like key word tool or translation tool and wanted to drive more traffic by your tools, so you can go with a Website.

In my opinion, you can go with a website having a blog also. So that you can choose both. Because a blog is a subset of a website or a part of a website.


Keep in mind, you can choose both if you have a mindset to run them together.
But if you’re a beginner, then I’ll suggest you to go with a Blog. Because it’s easy than making a website.

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If I missed something in this article or you are having any suggestions, do let me know in the comment section.

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