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Best Practices To Drive Massive Traffic On Your Site Organically

Nowadays when most people shifts towards blogging, competition in this field increases day by day. Drive traffic to your site organically is becoming harder. For those who were working in this for a long time as well as those who start initially, competitors become tough. To stand out or be the one who shines among the crowd, you need to put more effort while creating a dynamic blog. 

It’s become harder to drive traffic organically but with these practices, it’s possible.

If you’re my regular visitor, then you already know how to write a perfect blog post and now you need to know some Best Practices To Drive Traffic that helps you to stand out and drive massive traffic.

By keeping in mind these practices listed below, you could write an awesome blog post which good for both users and search engines.

Let’s get started!

Best Practices to Drive Massive Traffic:

1. Maintain Your Consistency

This is the point that is a must for every blogger. To maintain consistency. Because consistency is the key to success in blogging. If you follow a schedule and post accordingly, then it’s really great for you. But if not, then I suggest you create a schedule to maintain consistency.

I saw many people who believe to write lengthy articles or articles with complete information. But… what after that? They didn’t post a single article for months. This doesn’t work anymore. 

I agree that people like articles with complete information but what about the search engine? Search engine and also your audience needs consistency. So stop playing with your blog schedule and work consistently.

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2. Use Of Visuals (Images)

Do you use visuals in your blog posts? What do you think, are your post without visuals look awesome? It might look awesome or no need to create images but placing images would enhance your article quality.

Visuals such as blog headers, infographics, charts, or graphs can increase both the user experience as it is easy to understand and the looks of your blog.

Users can easily understand what you’re trying to say through visuals.

If you’re sharing the step-by-step guide in your blog, you can share the steps in an infographic image.

If you’re sharing any data related to something, you can show the data in the form of charts.

You can make an attractive header for your blog post which explains to the user what he’s going to read inside the blog post.

So make sure to add images or visuals in your blog posts.

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3. Original Content Is Must

Using scrapped or spun content is not working nowadays. Try to produce your own original content. No one loves to read copied or duplicate content. To increase visitors or traffic to your site, original content is mandatory.

It’s not hard to Orginal Content

Yes, as the heading says it’s not hard to write original content. Think for a second, when you’re speaking to somebody, do you need to copy someone’s script? I think your answer is a big “NO”. So why do you need someone’s script while talking with your audience?

Keep in mind, that your audience is here because they want to hear “YOU”, not other people. Try to build your own identity.

I think, now you understand why original content is a must.

Let’s move to another rule.

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4. Don’t Forget Call To Action (CTA)

Always include Call to Action in your blog post to lead your audience to do something. Your audience is motivated to do something whether it is sign-up for the newsletter, submit an email, fill out the contact form, or click on the link. 

This is also a great thing you can do to maximize your earnings. If you’re doing affiliate marketing, then you can mention your affiliate links in your blog and generate revenue. This is a Call To Action or CTA. 

It means you lead your visitors or audience to do something to take some action.

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5. Engage With Your Audience

One of the main practices to drive traffic, expand the business, or build strong relationships is to engage with your audience. Taking their opinions, and sharing yours is called engagement.

How to Engage With Them

Comments are a great way to engage with your audience. Convey them to leave a comment whether it’s your audience’s query related to the post, feedback, or casual talk. 

The motive is to build relationships and convert them into your regular visitors.

Pro Tip: Try to reply to all the comments you receive in your comment section. Trust me, it helps a lot in driving traffic to your slot or building trust.

You can also lead your audience to start a conversation on your social media platforms. It will help both of you as a conversation on social media is more personal and convenient. You can convert your visitors to your followers or supporters.

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6. Analyse and Improve

This is the main thing at all. Writing an article and starting another after posting it isn’t enough to expand. The major thing is to analyze everything about your performance such as public relations, competition, traffic, likes, shares, or comments.

And always try to improve your performance. As it’s better to be “Good enough” rather than “Perfect”. 

Do whatever you can do to improve your performance. It leads you to success. 

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Apply these practices while writing blog posts and you’ll see the desired results. If you have any questions or need advice, can COMMENT on your query OR connect us on Instagram @theprachirastogi


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