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It is very easy to create a site on a blogger. Isn’t it? And most beginners start their new blog with blogspot subdomain (yoursite.blogspot.com) without knowing its pros and cons.

It’s very important to understand deeply the platform on which you have to work with. 

Without knowing the features, services, pros, and cons of your platform, you shouldn’t give it a try to that platform.

I’m not against Blogger or Blogspot subdomain, even in my initial days I also work with blogspot sub-domain. But I wanted to share the pros and cons of using blogspot subdomain.

Now, we’ll discuss all seven points in detail so that you’ll get a complete knowledge of blogspot subdomain. And after getting complete knowledge, you’ll be able to decide whether you’ll go with a custom domain or blogspot subdomain. Without wasting time, let’s dive in.

A Definitive Guide to Blogspot Subdomain

1. What is Blogger?

Blogger is one of the most popular CMS ( Content Management System) based publishing platforms. It is developed by Pyra Labs in 1999 and acquired in 2003.

It enables users to publish blogs or to run blogging websites. A user can run up to 100 blogs or websites per account.

Blogger provides you with free hosting along with a free blogspot subdomain facility (www.yoursite.blogspot.com). It also enables you to add your custom domain (www.yoursite.com) by using DNS facilities to direct a domain to Google servers.

2. Blogger or Blogspot

Before going further, let’s clear up the confusion related to the terms: Blogger and Blogspot.

Blogger is American CMS (Content Management System) based publish platform while Blogspot is a free domain providing services that are used together at Blogger.

By using blogspot subdomain and blogger, you can easily create your free blog on blogger in a few clicks.

3. Services offered by Blogger

Blogger provides you to create your blog for free if you didn’t go with a custom domain. It provides you with free hosting along with a free blogspot subdomain. 

At blogger, your site was hosted on Google servers. You can personalize your blog easily by using the layout section. Also, you can add gadgets to unlock more options like contact form or translation.

Blogger also provides you with free templates or themes for your blog. You can also customize your theme at any time. 

You can create up to hundred blogs per account and there’s no limit on blog posts as it provides you unlimited storage for hosting.

Blogger also provides you a free SSL certificate for your site which is also a main thing in a website and many hosting service providers charge extra for the SSL certificate.

4. Why choose blogger as a blogging platform

There are many reasons to choose blogger as a blogging platform. Let’s get deep into it to understand each of them:

  • First and the main thing is, you didn’t pay for hosting. It’s free. 
  • Blogger is a trusted platform as it was owned by Google.
  • It gives provides you free SSL certificate which shows whether your site is trustworthy or not. 
  • It gives you unlimited storage for your site and hosted your site on Google servers.
  • Easy to use and manage your site on blogger.
  • The theme of the blogger was fully customizable.

Apart from this, if you go with the free blogspot subdomain then it’s free for you to set up your blog or site on the blogger platform. 

So, you can use blogger as a blogging platform for blogging or to create your site.

5. Pros and Cons of blogspot sub-domain

As there are some pros to using blogspot subdomain, there are also cons to using it. Let’s understand them one by one:

Pros of using Blogspot subdomain:

  • It’s free to use blogspot subdomain (www.yoursite.blogspot.com)
  • If you’re a beginner or new to blogging, then it helps you to start up with a free domain.
  • When people had no knowledge or little knowledge of blogging, they conveniently choose to blog as it was free.

Cons of using Blogspot subdomain:

  • People using blogspot subdomain didn’t outreach more people.
  • Blogger can delete or suspend your site or blog at any time as Google had control over your blogspot site.
  • When you migrate your blogspot site to another CMS-based website-building platform, you lose all your post views and comments. 
  • If your blogspot site had AdSense ads, then if you migrate your site to another platform you also lose your AdSense Approval and you have to apply again for it.

As you can see, the cons are more in numbers than pros of using blogspot subdomain. So it’s better for you to go with custom domain such as your site.com

6. Blogspot subdomain or custom domain

In comparison with both the domains: Blogspot subdomain and Custom domain, we listed four pointers below:

  • Start-up: You can start for free with blogspot subdomain while you pay for a custom domain.
  • Outrank: There are more chances for custom domains to rank on Google white blogspot subdomains had fewer chances.
  • SEO: Custom domain is best for SEO while blogspot subdomain hurts SEO.
  • Proficiency: The custom domain is treated as professional while blogspot subdomain had less value.
  • AdSense: You’ll get approval with both domains but the custom domain takes less time to approve while blogspot subdomain takes more time to get approved.

As you see clearly in the comparison the custom domain (yoursite.com) wins, you should go with a custom domain

In addition, if you’re new to blogging and wanted to explore then you can also go with blogspot subdomain (www.yoursite.blogspot.com).

7. Get a .com domain for free

If you want a domain name free for one year along with hosting, then you should buy hosting from Bluehost. It is budget-friendly and you get a domain name (.com and others) for free with one-year hosting. Customer Support of Bluehost was excellent.

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Why choose Bluehost hosting?
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You should definitely check out Bluehost for these benefits.

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