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ways to earn through a blog, ways to earn though in 2022

Many people start blogging to earn money through it, to generate a full-time income from their blog. But, they didn’t know about various ways that help them to monetize their blog.

In today’s post, I’ll show you 5 Ways to Earn through a Blog in 2022 which helps you to generate a full-time income from your blog or even helps you to generate passive income through your blog.

Let’s dive in!!

1. Display Ads on your Blog

The very first method that most bloggers use is Displaying Ads in their blogs. In this, you can display advertisements on your blog and get paid for them. You can earn a lot from it if you’re working on your content.

There are many ads network which you can choose to display on your sites like Google AdSense, Media.net, and more.

The most popular Ad network that most bloggers use to display ads on their site is Google AdSense.

To display AdSense Ads on your site, you need to pass their Eligibility Criteria to get approval fast.

Let’s move to the next method!

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2. Affiliate Marketing

Another method you can use to monetize your blog is through Affiliate Marketing.

In affiliate marketing, you can promote someone’s profile and get a commission for every sale you made.

In simple words, when someone buys something from your affiliate link, you’ll get a certain amount of commission.

If you’re confused about the terms Affiliate Marketing, affiliate links, commissions, or how to earn through affiliate marketing, you can check out this in-depth guide on “What is Affiliate Marketing and How it Works?”

This also could become a passive source of income if practiced in a correct way. It depends on your marketing and sales strategies.

If you want to learn Affiliate Marketing, you can tell me in the comments. I’ll write an in-depth post for you or a Free Course on it.

Let’s jump on another method!

3. Write Paid Reviews/Sponsorship Posts

This is one of my favorite methods to earn through a blog.

In Paid Reviews, brands approached you or you can reach out to the brands to write reviews on their products and you will get paid for it. You will share your feedback on any specific product.

In Sponsorships, whenever you’ll get sponsorships you need to write about it and get for it.

They both are somewhere similar but slightly different. How?? Let me tell you:

In paid review, the whole blog should be about promoting that particular product. Sharing its advantages, disadvantages, your own honest feedback, and more.

But in sponsorships, you need to write about that particular product, not in the whole blog. The most suitable place in the blog post.

I hope, it’s clear to you! Still confused regarding this, COMMENT BELOW.

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4. Sell Digital Products/ Courses

This is one of the best methods to generate passive income just by creating your own products or courses. But… not just by creating, it could only be done if you’re marketing and sales skills are amazing.

Because as you generate passive income through it and want to earn for the long term, you need to put much effort into creating that product. Various sales and marketing strategies may apply to get long-term results.

But it’s an amazing way to earn through your blog. As to which tactics you used in promoting someone’s products, now it’s time to use those strategies in promoting yours. It’s not as complicated as it sounds.

It truly gives you long-term results.

5. Guest Blogging

The easiest method to earn through your blog is to allow Guest Posting on your blog.

In this, first, you need to work on your content and make your site authoritative. Not much but, more DA = More $$$. And ensures that your site has some organic and unique visitors in order to get paid guest posting.

There are also many third-party sites available on the internet that allows you to get paid to get postings and you can also write guest posts there. Flyout is one of the examples of these sites.

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That’s all for today’s post!! I hope, you found this helpful 🙂


But did you notice, all these methods want your input first or want you to do invest time in your blog? Because without hard work, all these methods didn’t work for you.

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