3 Unique Ways To Earn Through Your New Blog in 2021 [201% Legit]2 min read

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It’s a daunting task to start earning money from your brand new blog. Isn’t it? But I’m here to help you by providing 3 Unique Ways To Earn Through Your New Blog in 2021 which are 201% Legit

In these ways, you could start earning from your first month. So without wasting time, let’s dive in!

3 Unique Ways To Earn Through Your New Blog in 2021 [201% Legit]

1. Freelance Writing

The very first method to earn money from your new blog is freelance writing. Through this method, you could earn money on monthly basis or charge per blog post.

In this method, you need to reach out to your potential clients and write blog posts for them. This would become your full-time career to work as a freelance writer.

And why did they hire you? You can send them the link to your blog to show your writing samples and if they like your writing skills, they’ll hire you. You can find your potential clients on social media platforms and reach out to them.

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2. Sponsered Posts

Sponsored Post is one of my favorite and unique ways to earn money from a new blog. This method will help you to generate passive income and is one of the easiest ways to earn money online. But, how?

In this method, you can earn money by uploading a guest post on your blog with a backlink. The person who wants you to upload it will pay you some amount of money and write a post for your blog.

How to get sponsored posts? There are many websites available on the web which deals with both publisher and advertiser. You can go with this kind of site or you can find sponsored posts on your own. You just need to create a page of Sponsered posts in which you’ll tell your audience about your DA, PA, monthly, or daily traffic. Tell them, you’re welcoming the sponsored post on your blog and also mention your charges per post. So anyone can easily approach you.

3. Paid Reviews

In this method, you can earn by reviewing someone’s product or services and get paid for it. This is one of the unique methods to earn money online.

You pitched brands under your niche and they pay you for reviewing their products or services. You can find them on social media platforms. These are also known as paid or promotional posts.

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